M.d.m. born in 1996 for the automated turning sector.


In 2001, conforming to the market request, it moves to its current headquarter in Bastia di Rovolon, renovating completely its machinery in order to dedicate to CNC technology exclusively, in particular 3/4/5 axis Turning and Milling. In addition it has been arranged a Metrology Lab, equipped with state of the art measurements tools, assuring quality and control of the finished product.


MDM is able to release machining certification for those industries in need of the Free Pass delivery System. 


It also has a CAD-CAM Station in order to design every detail according to the client specific needs, guaranteeing the highest standards.

Precision Engineering
Via I Maggio, 35
Bastia di Rovolon (PD)

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Cap. Soc. € 20.000

Telephone: (+39) 049 9910058
Fax: (+39) 0499910058
Email: info@mdm-meccanica.it